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Highway Engineering Map Sample

This image was geo-rectified, merged, and and saved as a Geo-TIF file on an ArcGIS platform using the a DOQQ and Tiger Data base map to get street centerlines. Registration accuracy of the geo-rectification can be specified by the customer to a limit of 6".


bulletInterstate 580 and 680 Junction : Dublin, Alameda County, CA
bulletMap Set ID : AC1E3V8211
bulletImage Date : 08/06/2008
bulletImage Size : 3744 x 5616 pixels
bulletNominal Pixel size : 7.9"
bulletGround coverage : 2478' x 3712'
bulletEye elevation : 5,470'


Clicking on the image above will bring you to the full-sized screen capture image from ArcGIS (including street overlays).


Right click on this link and choose "Save As" or "Save Link As" to download the geo-rectified TIFF (GeoTIFF) image (Warning - this is an 80MB file!).

Right click on this link and choose "Save As" or "Save Link As" to download the original 22 megapixel JPEG input image (~13MB).

















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