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Geo-Rectified Urban Sample

Aerial Services is now deliveriing GeoTiff files at resolutions as fine as 4". The samples below are from Milpitas California. The total area is about 30 square miles, and the resolution is 8". If you would like access to the actual file, please call us and we will give you access to our sample FTP distribution site.

The following is a geo-rectified map layer that has been imported ArcGIS and layered with a street edge and a parcel shape file The images were taken on June 21. . Another overlay was produced showing building footprint changes.


Context View - Entire City of Milpitas, CA



City of Milpitas - Map set at 8" resolution

Neighborhood View


Milpitas - a closer view



Parcel and Street View


Milpitas - Street level detail with edges and parcels


Geo-Rectified Wetland Sample

This is a geo-rectified map layer that has been imported into and layered over a base map in ArcGIS. Another overlay, this one of streets, was provided by the Riverside County map database. The map layer sample shown consists of three images. Color contrast on the images was adjusted to show image boundaries. Our photo map layers are useful for any number of projects, including, but not limited to: construction, tidal boundary measurement, vegetation studies, transit projects, etc....

Image data:

bulletLocation: Salton Sea south of the Coachella Valley in California
bulletMapSetID : CVMap20090111AX
bulletImage Date : 01/11/2009
bulletImage Sizes : 3744 x 5616 pixels
bulletNominal Pixel size : 6.2"
bulletGround coverage : 2270' x 3486'
bulletBackground : DOQQ imagery
bulletStreet Layer : Tiger Data
bulletTIFF Image reference data: GCS_NORTH_AMERICA_1983

Click Here to to download the PDF version of the map (Warning - this is a 10MB file!)

Contact Aerial Services for 90MB data sample (GeoTIFF)


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