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Oblique Aerial Photography

Aerial Services also offers high-resolution oblique photography. Oblique photography can compliment your vertical photo project or can stand on its own as a highly useful and visually pleasing tool.

Our oblique photographs show your site from multiple angles and in astonishing detail. Context photographs, taken from higher altitudes, will show neighborhoods, impact areas, and adjacent transportation corridors. Before flying, we will review your site specific needs and prepare a plan to shoot your photos. This ensures you receive the best possible pictures in the shortest amount of time.

All photo projects are GPS-planned and flown by our veteran staff of pilot-photographers. We can fly as low as 1,000 feet over urban areas and even lower over rural areas. This, coupled with our high resolution state-of-the-art digital cameras, and our powerful turbo-charged aircraft, allows us to photograph your site from a range of angles and in great detail.

Dispatch and turnaround time is fast. Typically we can dispatch our aircrew to obtain your photos within with a few days of your request, depending on weather and flight conditions. If your needs are urgent, we can deliver your photos via our electronic FTP server or by email within 24 hours after the flight.

Click me for a larger version (~3MB)!

Our oblique photography services are affordable. A sliding scale for pricing means you get the highest quality photos for the best price. Standard pricing includes high-resolution images as well as minor touch-up and color correction on final image package. For an additional cost, our photography team can perform extensive image enhancement per your specifications.

We do not offer in-house printing. Instead, we can recommend a number of professional printing companies that will serve your needs. Our images can be printed at poster size with stellar clarity and as big as wall size with minimal clarity loss. WOW!









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